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Like art itself, ARTcetera has a long tradition which informs its current innovations.

In 1985, a group of Boston-area artists responded to the AIDS epidemic in the most meaningful way they knew – by donating their own creations to raise funds for research.

These artists raised over $100,000 dollars that year and generated a new space for the community to share in grief, in hope, and in celebration of the lives of the friends and colleagues they had lost to the disease. Over the last 33 years, ARTcetera has grown into one of Boston’s most revered spaces for art purchasing and has become an essential funding source for AIDS Action Committee. ARTcetera has expanded its artistic palette, auctioning off work by artists such as Rothko, Andy Warhol, Annie Liebowitz, Keith Haring, and Domingo Barreres, as well as new work from creators the on cusp of greatness. In 2014, we were named Best Arts Gala in Boston by Boston Magazine. Discover ARTcetera’s tradition of creative philanthropy by exploring past event photos and articles.

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