Jordan Piantedosi


Jordan Piantedosi Blue Grid
jordan piantedosi protest print

Donating artwork to ARTcetera could save somebody’s life! There are vulnerable people out there who need healing and support, and art can make a huge difference.

Jordan Piantedosi is an interdisciplinary maximalist artist based in Boston. She paints in oil, acrylic, and watercolor, she designs bizarre textiles for narrative-driven fashion collections created in collaboration with artist/designer/reality TV star Erin Robertson, and she writes and illustrates comics for Perfect Stars, a website she began in high school and has maintained with sporadic determination for twelve years. Her maniacal work explores humor, glamor, and adventure, with a brazen & campy ethos inspired by underground comics, high fashion, anime, video games, drag queens, biology & particle physics, top 40 hip-hop, and late nights endlessly browsing memes, nursing an entire jar of teddy peanut butter.

Paddle 8:

Top Image: Blue Grid
Bottom Image: “Protest Print” by Erin Robertson and Jordan Piantedosi